The Great Oaks Society recognizes individuals who include Stevenson University in their estate plans or contribute through a planned giving instrument.

We honor Great Oaks Society members through invitations to special events, private receptions, and in our Donor Honor Roll publication.

The Great Oaks Society was named for the land where Stevenson University began. In 1947, the Notre Dame de Namur order of religious sisters came in possession of a piece of land known as "Seven Oaks." The sisters renamed the property Villa Julie after the order's founder, Saint Julie Billiart. After a series of major transformations, this property eventually became Stevenson University.

The Great Oaks Society is named after these white oaks known for their magnificent stature and long life. These namesakes connect the Great Oaks Society to the land on which Stevenson University was founded and remains symbolic of the strength and stability philanthropic gifts provide to the University.